Noon Thursday 11th 28:33N 50:43W

Thu 11 May 2023 15:51
At last, we're moving! The plotter gives us an average ground speed of 6.9k in the last six hours which is very welcome although I did have to put the mainsail down between ten o'clock last night and 3.30 this morning, hence the modest day's run of 98 miles.
Some snippets:
- both Columba and Martin have corrected me about King Charles. He is of course the third, not the second.
- I've nearly finished the fresh food. I have six small onions left.
- we have clocked over a thousand miles by now but that does not mean directly for the Azores. We have been meandering along with the wind, as it changes direction. There is still 1370 miles to go, with the halfway point being 1200 miles.
- I should have mentioned that 'Guiding Light', Roy's yacht, was bough for a nominal sum from his estate. A couple he knew him well and sailed with him, are now renovating it under cover in the marina boatyard. So far, it has taken two years.
- Yesterday evening, I had a look at my meridian passage (noon) calculation. I found the error. I mistook a 3 for a 5. So, the GPS latitude was 26 45.8N and my observed latitude was 26 46.3N. Nobody is going to quibble about half a mile especially when there is 1400 still to go.
- it's getting cool. I had to put a coat and socks on last night. I'll be sleeping in the boat tonight.
- the ETA at Ponta Delgada shouldn't be later than the 24th.