Day 5: Azores to the UK

Alan & Mary Phypers
Thu 21 Jul 2011 21:21

45:31N 19:19W


587nm to go to the Isles of Scilly


Well so much for no wind.  Contrary to the GRIB files we now have 20-25 knots and rough seas.  Although we are making good speed I wouldn’t mind a bit less wind now!  It is also starting to get very cold so I am airing my fusty thermals ready for the night watch.  It’s wet and miserable on deck so we are staying below as much as we can.  We are really not used to this weather!


We had delayed our showers assuming the wind would die, the sea would flatten and with motoring we would make some hot water.  However  we couldn’t wait any longer and for the first time we hove-to and had a relatively stable shower.  So at least we are nice and clean.


The wind is still forecast to ease tomorrow, but who knows.  Either way we now have enough diesel to motor the rest of the way if we really have to, so should make landfall on Monday or Tuesday.


Position at 2100h UTC Tuesday 21st July 2012




COG/SOG:          075˚T / 6.7kts

Wind:                 330˚T / 20-25 kts and very variable.