Alan & Mary Phypers
Tue 21 Sep 2010 22:33

43:07.745N 009:10.584W


Monday 20 September 2010 (and photos from Sunday 19th September)


We anchored at Camarinas at 1730h having motor all the way from Corme as there was no wind.  We dinghied ashore but didn’t stay long as we decided the little town had a strange feeling and didn’t seem the most friendly place.  Alan couldn’t find a free Wi-Fi signal so was in no hurry to stay.  On the way back to the boat we detoured so say hello to another Bowman (‘Right Turn’, a Bowman 42) which was also in the anchorage and were promptly invited aboard for a beer!!  They were on their way back to the Caribbean having only returned earlier this year.  We enjoyed lots of geeky Bowman owners talk;  Alan was in his element talking about batteries, alternators and water makers whilst Mary was more interested with the furnishing down below.




19/9: Filling up in La Coruna: No wind = lots of motoring = lots of diesel!  L



19/9: The lovely anchorage at Corme, with two Nordic boats in the background


IMG_1269.JPG    IMG_1262.JPG





19/9: Champagne to celebrate one year on Stella.



20/9: Camarinas



20/9: Just a few of the fishing boats in Camarinas



20/9: Stella Anchored in Camarinas



Wind farms which are present along most of the coast making our UK efforts look somewhat pathetic