Day 10: Another Rainy Day

Alan & Mary Phypers
Fri 10 Jun 2011 19:25

38:44N 40:10W

541 miles west of Horta, Azores.


Friday 10th June 2011


Last night we were heading to Iceland with the wind on the nose.  It was a very dreary night, full of drizzle, squalls and more thunder storms.   But after sun rise the wind veered to the south west.  We now have 12 – 20 knots from the south west and are sailing along nicely.  We have had quite a lot of rain but the sun is now out and it is once again hot on deck.  It would be perfect if it wasn’t for the swell from the south, right on the beam causing us to roll like crazy.


Still hoping to arrive on Tuesday although we need to speed up or lose this current if we are to arrive at a decent time.  It is forecast to be light winds from behind tomorrow so we have rigged the lines for the poles in anticipation of poling out the headsail, in case the forecast is right for once!


The engine repair with the magic epoxy putty seems to be holding, but fortunately we haven’t had to do too much motoring to thoroughly test it.


Not much else to say really – still no wildlife and no ships today.


Mary & Alan


Position at 1830 UTC 9/6/11

38˚ 43N

40˚ 07W

Wind:                  240˚T/ 16 kts

COG / SOG:        100˚T / 6.2

540nm to Horta.