Arrived in Las Palmas

Alan & Mary Phypers
Fri 5 Nov 2010 22:58

28:07.7228N 15:25.5803W


Friday 5 November 2010


Well we finally left Lanzarote yesterday having spent a very nice week in Marina Rubicon.  We were planning to go to Fuerteventura but the winds were strong easterlies making most of the anchorages un safe so we just stayed put.  It was quite nice to have a relaxing time having moved on so much for 3 months.  There were quite a few other ARC boats there who had been there much longer than us and we are starting to realise that this lifestyle is not just about sailing but moving your floating caravan to different marinas and then chilling out.  It is also nice to stay for a bit longer and get to know the other boats.


That said we have a very busy few weeks ahead.  Las Palmas is where the ARC officially starts so over the next 2 weeks 250 boats will all arrive for we hope lots of partying but also lots of frantic last minute shopping and boat jobs. The facilities will be stretched to the limit so it will all be a bit more of a hassle but will hopefully be worth it.



Marina Rubicon was a lovely spaced out marina with palm trees, lots of nice restaurants and even a pool



Mary polishing the topsides on Stella.  This lovely big berth was a luxury compared to where we are now!!!


We had a good sail from the Lanzarote to Las Palmas.  Unusually for us, the wind held up and we sailed all the way.  It was only 100 miles (approx 17 hours), so to ensure we arrived in daylight we sailed overnight.  The wind was on the quarter at 15-20kts so we sailed nicely at 6kts under headsail only.  However the short, often confused sea that is common around the Canaries made for a lively sail.


On arrival in Las Palmas the fun started straight away as we tried to reverse into our very tight berth with 20 knots blowing us sideways onto the next boat.  Luckily the mariniero came to help in his rib or I’m not sure what we would have done.


We’re both a bit tired today after our night passage, so haven’t explored the ‘delights’ of Las Palmas or indulged in the ARC socialising.  But we’re looking forward to meeting the other boats and to really start getting into the swing of the ARC tomorrow.



Arrival in Las Palmas – a relatively big city and major container port – not quite the peaceful luxury surrounds of Marina Rubicon that we had become used to.