Alan & Mary Phypers
Wed 18 Aug 2010 22:14

50:20.965N 03:34.385W


Having spent the day in Dartmouth catching up on admin and boat jobs we agreed to pop round for a quick drink on Lazy Dawn.  Several bottles later and having had a great evening swapping ARC stories we finally made it back to Stella at midnight a little worse for wear.  Alan’s father joined us for the day today and we had a lovely motor up the river to the beautiful Dittisham where having decided today we should have a quiet evening have picked up a mooring buoy.


Resize of IMG_1513.jpg

Stella on the visitors moorings at Dittisham


Resize of IMG_1524.jpg

It could nearly be the Caribbean already!  Dittersham is aptly described as “Impossibly Picturesque” By Tom Conliffe in the Shell Channel Pilot!