Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 6 Dec 2010 10:10

12:52.5N 34:59.3W


Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th December 2010


At last we (or really Toby) have caught some fish!!  More about this in a minute.


We’ve had a slight improvement on the wind front and for the last 48 hours have had 10 – 15kts from the ENE.  The wind strength varies throughout the day, so we’ve been changing between the twin headsails and the spinnaker during the day when the wind is below 14 kts.


We still haven’t seen or spoken to any other yachts, but we did see a ship a couple of nights ago.  It was Rogers turn to keep them talking on the VHF, but unfortunately either his Irish charm didn’t work, or the officer of the watch didn’t speak English as it was a very short conversation!


Our most exciting news is on the fishing front.  Toby was desperately upset on Saturday night having hooked a massive Tuna.  We hauled it in to the back of the boat, but it broke his 100lb steal trace line as we tried to get it on deck.   It got away and took Toby’s favourite floating Rapala Magnum lure with it.  It was probably just as well as it was a big brute about 1m long and we’re not sure how we would have dispatched it!!


But Saturdays disappointment turned into a double success yesterday.  At lunch time we (Toby) caught and landed a small Dorado, which he swiftly gutted and was in the oven for lunch within 15 mins of being caught.  Toby was beside himself with excitement for not only catching his first fish, but for gutting it and getting it to the table so quickly.


And then, in the evening just as the sun was about to set and we were dropping the spinnaker Toby landed another Dorado, but this time much bigger at 2.5 lbs.  Needless to say it went straight into the oven for dinner!!



Toby’s 2nd Dorado


Toby now claims he’ll ‘fish Dorado to order’, but is still after the elusive Tuna – let’s hope it’s a bit smaller than the one that got away!


We still have just under 1600 miles to go and we still don’t have proper trade winds, but we do have fresh fish for dinner so at least some things are improving!


Position at 1000utc 6/12/10

12:52.5N 34:59.3W

Wind: 075T 16kt