Half Way

Alan & Mary Phypers
Tue 7 Dec 2010 20:17

13:02.8N 37:58.9W


Tuesday 7th December 2010


Well the winds have finally improved and we have a steady 15 – 20 knots behind (for the time being at least).  We have twin poled out head sails but unfortunately our average boat speed is still only about 5.5 knots, not helped by the big rolling sea an adverse current. 


It is still incredibly hot particularly in the sun so the extra wind is a big relief.


We had the spinnaker up yesterday but the wind and swell was a bit strong so we brought it down.  Unfortunately the wind was also too much for the snuffer without the main up and we broke the collar trying to get it down.  We therefore had to do a classic letter box drop into the main hatch.  It has been too windy today so we still need to work out how to repair the snuffer before we can hoist it again.


We are all very disappointed that it looks like we will not make it to St Lucia in time for the main parties.  For that we need to average over 6.2 knots so would need more wind and or a flatter sea.  It looks like our strategy to head south last week has not paid off and the boats which took a more direct route our now ahead of us.  ARC has said they are still reviewing the party dates as everyone is so late but as we are near the back they probably won’t wait for us.


We have been emailing a few other smaller boats and agreed we will just have our own party if we miss theirs.  Supposedly St Lucia put on a really big show so it is a shame.


Everyone says you should celebrate getting half way but were not sure how you measure that.  In terms of time and miles travelled we are well over  half way but if you take the direct route of 2700 miles, we have 1339 to go that is half so we will celebrate tonight.  The boys are going to have their steaks and Toby is trying to catch a Dorado for Mary.  We haven’t yet decided if we will also have a drink as we are a dry boat but with no sail changes it has been a much less stressful day so we may manage a wee one!