Day 4: Azores to the UK

Alan & Mary Phypers
Wed 20 Jul 2011 21:31

44:28N 22:29W


730nm to go to the Isle of Scilly


Not much to say about the last 24 hours except that we have been sailing the whole time - which is something of a treat for this leg.


The wind has been up to 20 knots, far more than the GRIBs suggested and very variable.  It has been very overcast and dreary as we are passing through a front but at least the front is forecast to move north rather than follow us and so far we haven’t had any squalls.


The wind is forecast to drop to 10 knots NW by midnight but we still have more than it says we should so maybe it will last a bit longer.


Apart from that a bit of a boring day and we are starting to plan for our arrival on home soil.  I am quite looking forward to getting home now and seeing everyone.  It also helps that we don’t really have to think about work for another couple of months.


Alan gave away that he had been reading my Hello magazine when he quoted Joan Collins saying ‘only boring people get bored’!


Position at 2000h UTC Wednesday 20th July 2012




SOG/COG:          065˚T / 6.0kts

Wind:                 335˚T / 14 kts and very variable.