On route to Canaries

Alan & Mary Phypers
Thu 21 Oct 2010 14:17

34:49.0N  10:04.0W


Thursday 21 October 2010


We left Lagos at 1200h yesterday (Wednesday) with virtually no wind.  After 26 long and painful hours of motoring we still have no wind and 400 miles still to go.   This is a huge disappointment as according to all the text books we should have a good NE wind blowing.  We feel like we’ve motored virtually the whole way from the UK and were really looking forward to some good sailing, but alas, it’s not to be!  Perhaps motor boats aren’t such a bad idea after all!


But at least the sun is out so life could be worse.  Toby’s trying his hand at some fishing and Alan finally plotted his sun sight.   During the night, Indra, the Bowman 42 also taking part in the ARC was within sight, but they are motoring faster than us and we’ve now lost sight of them.  On the wild life front we have seen quite a few dolphins in the what is now clear blue sea and several little birds one of which kept flying below deck and getting stuck!


To prevent us going mad from the constant sound of the engine, we might have a ‘sailing hour’, or rather a ‘drifting hour’ later this afternoon.


Unless Toby catches a fish later, there really is nothing to take a photo of.  So sorry, no photos at the moment!!