Day 2: Azores to the UK

Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 18 Jul 2011 22:19

41:29N 26:49W


Unfortunately there really is very little to report about today.  No wind, no sun, no wildlife, no ships.   If it wasn’t for the fact it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary then today would have been even more dull.


The wind has been less than 10 knots with very variable direction all day, so the faithful donkey has been plodding away for most of the time since leaving the Azores.  We’ve just (2000h) started sailing in a light breeze and managing to make about 4.5kts SOG.  It’s not great progress but this morning’s GRIBS painted a very bleak picture in terms of lack of wind for the next week.  We will be needing every last drop of our 500ltrs of diesel to get us home in a reasonable time, so we need to make the most of what little wind there is.


Earlier today we tacked onto port tack which finally means we are heading in the right direction towards Cornwall.  As a result we now have less than 1000 miles to go, which is something.  But we only had 1100 miles to go when we left the Azores two days ago, so we can hardly count it as a major milestone!


Position at 2200h UTC Monday 18th July 2012




SOG/COG:          050˚T / 5.0kts

Wind:                    330˚T / 8 kts