Day 7: Beautiful Sunny Day

Alan & Mary Phypers
Tue 7 Jun 2011 16:11

37:35W 48:47W

950 miles west of the Azores


Tuesday 7 June, 1530 UTC


Yesterday was a beautiful warm sunny day with a lovely breeze of 16 knots from the south and the sea had calmed so although it is still rolly there were no waves washing over the decks.  It was absolutely gorgeous and we took the opportunity to clean up both Stella and ourselves by treating ourselves to a shower.  The night was also clear, starry and squall free.


This morning is a bit murky and I think we may be catching up with the front again.  It is annoyingly moving east at exactly the same rate as us and according to the  forecast will do so for the next few days.   I am sitting down below again, I’m a bit worried I have been spoilt by the Caribbean and won’t sit on deck unless it’s lovely and sunny even though we have perfect wind – how will I cope in the Solent!    I’m sure if we have lots of visitors to talk to it will be different.  The downside of double handed is lots of time on your own.


We’ve just downloaded the latest weather and the forecast storm has now reduced to a gale and will be east of us, so it looks like we will be fine.  We should have winds from the south or south west for the rest of the trip and if they go light we will have enough diesel so all looks good.  We’re about to celebrate with pancakes and maple syrup!


I’ve just noticed a post-it note on the chart table where Alan has written:


Storm Avoidance

1.       Buy more sat phone minutes

2.       Phone Commanders Weather Routers


It reminds me of a Hurricane avoidance plan we saw in the Caribbean:

1.       Grab beer

2.       Run like hell


Anyway we may give Commanders another call but now have lots of spare minutes so might even phone some of you!!!


We only have 950 miles to go – we’re finally less than 1000!   In another 50 miles we’ll pass the half way point!  We’ll have to find a suitable edible treat(s) to celebrate the milestone!


Position at 1530h UTC:




Wind:                    185˚T / 12kts

COG / SOG:        085˚T / 5.5 kts (we seem to have a 1.0 kts of SSW setting current)