Slowly Beating South

Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 29 Nov 2010 21:51

We have now been beating south in light winds for two days as we continue to get SW winds and await the elusive trade winds to take us west to St Lucia.  The forecast is for the winds to die tomorrow with light easterlies further south on Wednesday so we will continue our current course for another day.  If they don’t hurry up and come we may end up going to Antarctica instead!   


We are still enjoying ourselves but getting very frustrated.  We appear to have made better progress then most other boats our size in heading south so fingers crossed we are right.  It is starting to get really hot so we are grateful for the slightly hazy skies.  We are all starring to lose our inhibitions and wearing less and less clothes but I am pleased to say we have been sensible with sun tan lotion and no one has burnt.  Yet...


Still no fish other than another flying fish, the boats further north in the storms seem to be catching lots but say it is too rough to cook them so I would still rather be here in the calm.  We did have an evil looking bird with big sharp claws which hung around on deck for an hour or so we were glad when he left.


We are still eating well, no one is complaining about the lack of meat and the steaks at the bottom of the fridge remain uneaten.  Last night was a bit rough so we used the dog bowls for the first time, apart from Toby who refused.  These are recommended to prevent spills and seemed really good to me.


Toby has been in charge of light entertainment and has provided us with our daily comedy hour.  We have now finished Cabin Pressure series one and are due to move on to Clare in the Community.  It is now classical music hour.