Sailing at last

Alan & Mary Phypers
Sat 23 Oct 2010 19:42

30:54.36N  12:30.28W


Saturday 23 October 2010


At long long last and exactly as predicted the wind has filled in this afternoon and we are sailing nicely under twin poled out head sails (no main) with the wind dead behind us.  We have practiced various scenarios and this does seem to be quite a stable set up for downwind sailing.   Sir Humphrey the Hydrovane is also in control and steering a very steady course.  So we’re feeling much happier about our downwind configuration.


It has also suddenly turned much hotter and we had the bimini out for only the second time ever (apart from when we’ve had it out to keep the rain off)!


We had to alter course at 5am this morning when we intercepted a large electrical storm which the radar showed was heading straight for us and quite quickly.  Lightning at sea can be very dangerous as it will go straight for the tallest thing around – our mast!  It was difficult to tell how best to avoid it but in the end we headed north which did the trick and we just missed the worst of it.  The radar certainly proved its worth!


Following the success from the night before Alan baked another even bigger loaf of bread which has already nearly all gone!


We are now on track to arrive in Lanzarote tomorrow evening and feeling much happier that we’re sailing!