Alan & Mary Phypers
Wed 20 Oct 2010 09:19

37:06.569N  08:40.475W


Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th October 2010-10-20


Had a nice couple of days in Lagos.  It is very different to everywhere further north, the weather and scenery feeling far more Mediterranean and in season.  Lagos marina is full of Brits who live on their boats for most of the year and seem to have quite a social network going.  The town is very pretty but very much a British tourist spot.


Yesterday we practiced our safety routines and managed to hoist Toby back on board from the pontoon.  We then practiced with the throwing line which was better than expected and Toby managed to throw it over someone’s  balcony hitting their window, luckily they were not around and the shutters were down!


There is still no wind and most other boats on their way to the Canaries are waiting it out, but given Toby arrived 10 days ago for the trip we can’t really wait any longer so are heading off today.  At 5 knots it should take about 5 days to get to Lanzarote.  We have bought extra jerry cans for diesel and might just have enough to motor all of the way, but it would make for a miserable trip unless we get some wind.   Diverting to Morocco is still an option, although stopping points there are a bit limited.


We have stocked up on custard tarts having sampled a few more in Lagos so at least we won’t starve.



Flying the spinnaker en route to Lagos



Still a bit chilly in the evening



Arrival in Lagos (don’t seem to have any other pics of here!)