New Rigging

Alan & Mary Phypers
Thu 12 Aug 2010 08:51

The preparations are continuing although probably not at the pace they should be!  Since we moved onto the boat last Thursday we’ve had a constant stream of visitors and parties so we’re not complaining.  We were back in London briefly on Saturday night for a friend’s 40th b’day bash but apart from that we have been in Lymington the whole time.


Stella’s mast was taken out at the start of the week so the standard rigging could be replaced – which was partly an insurance requirement and partly a peace of mind thing!  Hopefully the photos below have uploaded OK.


We’re still planning our departure for Sunday 15th August although the tides mean we can’t leave until about 1530h, so our first stop will probably be Studland Bay!




JPEG image

JPEG image