A day in the drizzle

Alan & Mary Phypers
Fri 20 Aug 2010 23:13

As planned we stayed in Plymouth for the day doing a number of chores and other boring jobs.  The weather has been horrible all day.  The only time it stopped drizzling was when it rained!   There’s been a strong southerly wind all day, so at least we haven’t been missing any good sailing.


Alan collected his new credit card from the bank which has been chasing him around the country for the last month.  The engineer came to look at the engine, heard it start, took one look at the engine, and said there was nothing wrong with it and that he had never seen an engine in such good condition (we need to thank the previous owners for this).  Alan was worrying about nothing and the engineer re-assured us the small amount of black smoke was fine.  The oily water that appeared to be coming from our exhaust outlet is just ever present in Sutton Harbour Marina!


We did our first provisioning trip without a car.  Next time we will be better prepared and take the big shopping bags and the wheelie trolley!


Alan finally succeeded in putting the Hydrovane rudder back on but only after he had attacked the end of the shaft with a file to make it fit (this was the advice given by Hydrovane).  It wasn’t an easy task and the rudder certainly won’t come off in a hurry.  The next time it does come off, it’s getting a coat of antifouling so it can stay on!


Weather permitting tomorrow we’ll be heading for Fowey, otherwise it could be the River Yelm.


Sorry there are no photos today.  Unless you like looking at drizzle there was nothing that was photo worthy!