Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 13 Sep 2010 20:51

Sunday was a bit of a dull day so we stayed in the marina, moved the boat, cleaned the boat and did some washing.  We then had a very nice evening on Suli with Andy and Karen who we met in Gijon.  There are not many boats in this area and the few there are all seem to be doing the same route, another British boat Moryn, also from Gijon arrived in the night as the sea was a bit rough.  We are also following the blog of another couple we met in France who said last nights anchorage was a bit rough.


All of these tales were enough to give us an excuse to stay in Ribadeo for another day and walking out to the edge of the river we  suddenly realised how windy it was out to sea.  The weather here was glorious and we had a lovely day walking around the town and the surrounding area.  We do plan to head off for the Rias tomorrow though.



Ribadeo looking out to sea



The main square in Ribadeo



Ribadeo Marina