50:45.089N 001:31.5274W

Alan & Mary Phypers
Fri 6 Aug 2010 17:45

The Adventure has officially started – well sort of anyway.  We’ve moved out of our house in London and moved all our furniture and possessions into storage (2 large removal lorries worth of ‘stuff’ that we’ll get back in a year’s time and wonder why on earth we paid a fortune to store it rather than simply throwing it away!)  The tenants have moved in and we’re now living on the boat, so we can claim we’ve made it as far as Lymington (a good excuse to update the Google Map pin!).


Next week the mast is coming out so the standing rigging can be replaced and we’ll be frantically trying to stow all the unnecessary stuff that we didn’t put into storage because we ‘thought it might come in useful’ – but hadn’t considered where it would go on the boat.  Our (revised) planned departure date is now Sunday 15 August.  Weather permitting we hope to head west to Plymouth and then South to France.


I was going to test uploading some photos, but the weather is so horrid any pictures that I take today will look awful, so watch this space tomorrow!