Crossing Biscay ( day 1)

Alan & Mary Phypers
Sat 4 Sep 2010 23:08

46:07.5N 03:06.4W


We are on our way to Spain!!  We spent the day doing boat chores before taking on more fuel prior to leaving the Ile d’Yeu.  We had to circle the harbour for an hour waiting for the fuel pontoon to become free as a French motor boat had a rope around its propeller and was waiting for a diver to clear it.  We finally got away at 1600h and motored off in the direction of Spain. 


We had a nice sail until the sunset and then the wind died so now we are motoring again in glassy calm sea.  It’s a pitch black night with no moon, but the stars are incredible.

The forecast is for light winds for the next two days, so I expect we’ll be motoring the whole way, hence the need to fill up with fuel before we left.  All being well we should be in Gijon on Monday morning.


We felt a little sad to be leaving France as it’s become quite familiar, but it will be good to get across Biscay.


It’s time to wake Mary up for her watch now........  J




Sunset in Biscay