Arrival in Lanzarote

Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 25 Oct 2010 09:53

28:54.99N 13:42.17W


Sunday 24 October 2010


We arrived in Puerto Calero on Lanzarote at 1800h yesterday (Sunday 24 October). 


We had a good strong breeze (25-30kts) for the last 24 hours which provided some exhilarating sailing.  With the wind behind us and twin poled out head sails we averaged 6-7 knots reaching over 9 knots surfing down the waves.  We had however become a little complacent with all of the calm weather and stupidly left one of the small hatch windows open in the aft cabin. One large wave over the quarter not only managed to soak us but literally poured in through the hatch soaking everything inside!  Luckily this was at the end not the beginning of our trip but we now have a few ‘drying out’ jobs to do today before we can post a full blog (with photos) later.