Day 13: Nearly There

Alan & Mary Phypers
Mon 13 Jun 2011 12:35

38:28N 30:22W

111 miles west of Horta, Azores


Monday 13th June 2011


We are really nearly there – only 102 miles to go.  The wind has started to pick up to 20-25 knots so I (Mary) have put another reef in which has also warmed me up a bit.  We are both feeling quite tired now and looking forward to arriving.  I am starting to dream more about sleep than beer but I may feel differently when we arrive.


Our ETA is now about 4am GMT, 2am Stella time, but hopefully we will have a full moon to guide us in. 


The sea is starting to get choppier, presumably a combination of the wind picking up, the sea becoming shallower and wind against current, yes it is against us again!  It might be a bit rough for our pre arrival shower but we are unlikely to have too many people greeting us at that time so maybe I’ll wait. 


Still no wild life other than birds and no other boats.  I must be going a bit mad though as I keep thinking I can hear voices but it is just the sails creaking.


We managed another 162 miles yesterday so we are still doing well


Mary & Alan


Position at 1230 UTC 13/6/11

38˚ 28N

30˚ 22W

Wind:                  205˚T/ 20 kts

COG / SOG:        085˚T / 6.5

102 nm to Horta.