Day 12: Another Good Day

Alan & Mary Phypers
Sun 12 Jun 2011 21:09

38:15N 33:01W

205 miles west of Horta, Azores


Sunday 12th June 2011


Another good day with 147 miles conquered.  The current comes and goes but is not against us.  The wind died in the night but the swell did not so with the boom banging away we succumbed and took down the main and motored with just the yankee.  Thankfully the breeze picked up again this morning and we are now sailing along nicely at 6 to 7 knots with the wind on the quarter.  It is still very rolly but we are used to it now.


It has also been lovely and sunny and not rained once, sounds like the UK has the rain now!  It is very hot in the sun during the day but quite chilly at night, I even wore my puffer jacket but luckily no thermals or hats yet.


Alan baked some cookies which were yummy, gosh I must have been away too long not to say biscuits!


We can now see Horta on the chart plotter on 300nm zoom so it is feeling closer and we are still on track to arrive on Tuesday morning.


Mary & Alan


Position at 2100 UTC 12/6/11

38˚ 15N

33˚ 01W

Wind:                  210˚T/ 15 kts

COG / SOG:        080˚T / 6.5

207nm to Horta.