Day 5 Beating to Bermuda

Alan & Mary Phypers
Thu 12 May 2011 21:11

27:06.7N 64:40.6W


Stella has been sailing (without using the engine!!) for over 24 hours!  Since yesterday morning we’ve had 15 – 20kt WNW wind which has been whisking us along in an increasingly lumpy sea.  The wind is a bit unsteady and every few hours it suddenly veers 35 degrees which means for 30 minutes or more we are heading to Iceland and not Bermuda.


We’ve established a 6 hours on / off watch system that seems to work well with just the two of us and means the off watch person gets some good sleep.


For a while now Bermuda has been the closest bit of land and now we only have 315 miles to go.  All being well we hope to arrive some time on Sunday.


The sun is out so it’s not unpleasant, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to move around with the pounding of the waves as Stella heels over.  We’ve not seen anything except a couple of birds in the last 36 hours.  Just ‘made’ (from Pilsbury Dough, so cheating really) some fresh croissants for afternoon tea......


Position at 20:45 UTC

27˚ 07N

64˚ 40W

315nm due south (true) of Bermuda


Wind (when it’s not playing one of its silly games): 285˚M / 18kts

SOG / COG: 010˚ / 6 kts