Sailing (!) to Ria de Arosa

Alan & Mary Phypers
Sat 25 Sep 2010 20:25

42:38.147N 008:53.318W


Friday 24 September – updated on 26/9 with photos


We left Portosin assuming we would be motoring all the way to Ria de Arosa.  As there was no wind we decided to go ‘rock hopping’ and take the inside passages around the Cabo Corrubedo.  However to our surprise a good northerly wind appeared so we opted for sailing rather than extreme pilotage.  It gave us chance to practice our downwind rig, goose winged  with the yankee poled out.


We explored a few anchorages before settling the hook off a very quiet beach near the little harbour of Escarabote. 



Just some of the many unmarked rocks offshore – and these are the ones you can see as they break the surface



A taste of trade wind sailing



Entering Ria de Arosa



Sunset in our anchorage at Escarabote





Sunrise in our anchorage at Escarabote