Photos From St Lucia

Alan & Mary Phypers
Tue 11 Jan 2011 01:31

14:04.44N 60:56.89W


Rodney Bay Marina was very nice and colourful with lots of little shops and restaurants

IMG_2673.JPG IMG_2674.JPG


[Below left] The pontoons still looked very festive and welcoming.   [Below Right] Mike & Jean on Sestina who we had been close to for much of the crossing.  Mike and Jean are old friends from London Corinthian Sailing club.  Peter Hopps another friend from the club was also on another boat so it was great to meet up after quite a long time.



It was great to eat out and have a few drinks in the many bars and restaurants after 25 days of boat food

IMG_2679.JPG IMG_3367.jpg



Our comment about Rogers blind date made it to the top quotes in the ARC office.  Sadly when Roger met up with the girls from Houdalinqua at the SSB party he went all shy and nothing came of it, although they were very posh attractive and young.



We made it to the prize giving which was a bit long and dull as not many of the boats we knew won anything.  Tucan coordinated the singing of the nautical version of the twelve days of Christmas as composed on SSB on the crossing and the carribean dancers had to perform indoors due to the rain but were still very good.



Off shopping to re-provision for Christmas although we do still have rather a lot of food leftover.  This will come in useful as particularly on the smaller islands everything here is very limited and expensive.