Gijon to Ribadeo

Alan & Mary Phypers
Sun 12 Sep 2010 06:53

43:32.397N 07:02.171W


Another long tedious day of motoring - perhaps we should have bought a motor boat!  We left Gijon at 0830h and had 11 hours of motoring into a light westerly wind with a lumpy swell to slow us down.  Somehow the wind always seems to know which direction we are going and then blows from that direction.  We managed to sail for the last hour, when the wind finally veered to the North as it had been forecast.


We didn’t see another boat for the whole 65 miles apart from a few small finishing boats and for most of the day it was overcast.  The most exciting event of the day was the baking of apple muffins – Alan’s first attempt at baking at sea.


I’m having to write today’s blog as Mary slept for virtually the whole passage so missed it all.  One evening out amongst the beautiful people of Gijon seems to have finished her off!  Even the excitement of rounding Cape Penas didn’t stir her! 


There is not a lot else to report, except to say we are along side in the marina at Ribadeo. We’ll stay here tomorrow (Sunday) before continuing west towards La Corona hopefully on Monday.




Stella berthed in Gijon – we were the only boat on the visitors pontoon.



Gijon came alive on Friday evening...



Sunset in Gijon on Friday night




Apple muffins baked during the very dull passage to Ribadeo.  They tasted a lot better than they looked!