The Last Leg

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sun 9 Jun 2019 08:13

“37:27N 022:36W”


Sunday 9th June


Left the marina in Vila do Ponto, Santa Maria at 12.00 yesterday. Quite a narrow space between the rows of boats but managed to miss everything.


The plan is to head north aiming at Lisbon as on Tuesday/Wednesday there will be strong winds from the north east, so we should be able to change course to sail a beam reach, but with waves on the side of the boat (bit uncomfortable) and head for Cape St Vincent then to Lagos.


We are a rather reduced band of boats.  One boat on the first leg had rigging problems and had to return to Tortola. On the second leg one boat was still waiting for crew in Bermuda, another had rigging problems and returned to Bermuda.  In the Azores one boat (Talaria) needs a new engine and is still there.

A couple of boats are heading for North Europe, one to Lisbon and the rest of us to Lagos.


 We are currently sailing at about 6 knots, with about 15 -18 knots wind from the north, sea is a bit lumpy but not too bad and we have all managed to get some sleep overnight.  Hoping the sun will come out as it is quite chilly...