We're Going to Barbados

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 20 May 2013 19:00
“13:05N 059:38W”
We left Marin marina on Wednesday May 18th for the 105 mile sail to Barbados.  Once we had left the bay we then had fun slaloming through the mass of fishing pots that were around, thankfully missing them.  We sailed until about 01.30 when we put the engine on and motored sailed as the wind was pushing us too far south.  We motored for about 4 hours and then were able to sail again.  It was a much better sail than we had anticipated – not too much crashing through the waves.  We arrived at Port St Charles in the north of the island to check in, and then continued down to Bridgetown.  Ian’s friend Bill, had arranged for us to berth in the inner basin in the careenage.  This involved waiting for the lifting bridge to open which had been arranged for 13.00.  The entrance passed the bridge is quite narrow and once inside not a lot of room to manoeuvre, but with Bill’s sons help in an inflatable we were tied to a buoy and stern-on to the quay.
P1020754 The mooring in Bridgetown.
We were moored in the middle of the city with the beach, and main shopping areas only a short walk away.  Adrienne had cooked a meal for us which she brought to “Spray” for the evening, but by 21.30 most of us were fading and wanted an early night.
The next day Ian and Gerry went off to get driving licences as Bill was loaning us a car, while Chris and I had a wander around the town and along the beach.