A Poorly Outbaord Engine

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 22 May 2014 19:46

“13.01N 061:14W”

Thursday 22nd May

We are now in Admiralty Bay, Bequia – one of our favourite islands.  We had a good sail from Marigot although it was a bit rough of the top of St Vincent and the wind increased momentarily from 20 knots to 37 knots but we were well reefed so all was well.

As we approached Bequia we were heading towards what we thought was a small fishing boat but it turned out to be a photographer snapping away as we went passed.  If we’d known we’d have put more sail up! He came round the following morning with a framed sample of one of the photos and the rest on a memory stick for us to look at.  The photos were very good, much better than the ones when we finished the ARC, and a more reasonable price so we bought the lot.

We tied up on one of African’s buoys, he must be out on charter as his side kick, Blessing, came out to meet us.

Unfortunately we have had problems with our dinghy outboard engine, which is now being looked at by Robin aka Fixman 2, so we’re hoping he can.  It’s currently quite windy in the anchorage so we have to wait for a lull before venturing ashore with Chris rowing the dinghy against the wind.

We are hoping to catch up with Brian and Barbara on Red Shoes sometime in the next week.


A light lunch in Admiralty Bay



Admiralty Bay from the south side.