Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 18 Apr 2016 00:03
“18:01N 067:11W”
Thursday 14th April – Sunday 17th April
Left the anchorage in Ponce without any incidents this time.  Boqueron is about 40 nm from Ponce and on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  Very light winds but did manage to sail for a couple of hours.  The anchorage in Boqueron is in a large deep bay, and the little town is quite delightful.  At weekends it fills up and is really buzzy, the rest of the week very quiet.  We are hoping to leave for Cuba this weekend, but the weather doesn’t look too promising.  We are getting weather and routing advice from the Caribbean Weather Centre based in Miami, so we will see what he advises.
To check out we will have to go to Mayaquez which is about 20 miles further north on the west coast.
Saturday – looks like we can go on Monday so it is off to Mayaquez tomorrow...