Relaxing in Barbados

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Mon 20 May 2013 19:27
Friday May 10th – Tuesday May 14th
The few days we spent in Barbados were very enjoyable.  We were entertained at the Barbados Yacht club, we had dinner on the beach at “The Boatyard”; on Sunday we took “Spray” along the coast and anchored in Gibbs bay for a swim and lunch joined by Ian and Gerry’s friends who live here.
On Monday Adrienne offered to give us a tour of the island – we went along the west coast passed lots of very expensive houses, to north point and then along the east coast which is completely different from the other side.  We had lunch in Bathsheba and then across country back to Bridgetown.
P1020742 East coast Barbados
That evening we went for drinks to Barry and Jennifer’s house in Dover.  They live in a beautifully converted coach house which was part of a very large farm.  The main house and some of the original grounds are still there, but over the years lots of the land has been sold.  We then went to dinner in the Harlequin at St Lawrence.
The following day we went to complete the paper work for checking out.  Once we found the right place-this involved filling in forms, visiting 3 separate office (2 of them twice), we were then ready to leave anytime within the next 24 hours.  Everyone wanted us to stay for the Mount Gay Rum regatta but we decided to head back to the Grenadines.  Spray is staying and Ian and Gerry will sail with Bill in the regatta.
The evening before we left we had dinner at Adrienne’s house.  it is in the middle of the island where she lives on the site of an old plantation house, which is still standing but uninhabitable.  Adrienne lives a converted milk parlour, with 2 very large dogs,  and runs a chicken farm. 
P1020733 The police band which entertained us on our first afternoon.  The boat was tied stern-to the quay with the Independence Square directly behind.
P1020746 Adrienne’s converted milking parlour – a very lovely open-plan house.
P1020748 The Chicken Farm