More Liming in Grenada

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 29 Jan 2013 16:26
Tuesday 29th January
Doing last bits of cleaning and packing.  We have spent the last week sorting out our hurricane season marina – we are booked into Spice Island Marina, which is a number 1 bus ride from here.  The bus system is good, all small mini buses which run frequently and will stop anywhere.  They have a driver and the chap who operates the sliding passenger door and encourages any pedestrians to use the bus.
We have been into St Georges and bumped into our neighbours in the marina and had lunch with them.  We have also met Phil who was on the SSB course with us and is here as  the skipper on a Joint Services Training ship.  Also “Finnrose” managed to make it down here and we spent a nice evening with them.
On Saturday we went with “Henri’s Safari” to the Seven Sisters waterfalls in the middle of the island.  This involved quite a muddy walk up and down the mountain to the falls.  We then continued up to a higher fall where access was via part of the waterfall – ended up with wet feet and shorts but worth it.  On the way back there is a pig farm by a stream and the farmer cleans shoes for a small fee.  He was very keen for us to go and look at his pigs!
We fly home tomorrow and will be back out on March 20th until the end of May – we will probably see how far north we can get through the islands.