Day 2 and 3 Wednesday and Thursday 28th and 29th November

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 30 Nov 2012 08:33
“24:54N 018:12W”
During the course of day 2 the wind eased, the waves were smaller and we all managed to catch up on our sleep. The sun came out and life seemed wonderful and the sailing more comfortable.
The ARC has an SSB radio net that runs once a day for boats to be able to talk to one another. Penny has volunteered to be a Net Controller for the group of boats we are in, group A, which has about 30 boats in it. So far it is a fairly small group. There are 5 net controllers in our group and they take it in turns to be lead person for the day. Penny’s turn is on Friday.
Wednesday was almost without incident; after dinner (Spag Bol) Penny was putting away our plastic dinner bowls when the boat lurched and a couple of china bowls she’d stored on the wrong shelf fell out when the boat did a sudden lurch, and broke.
Thursday morning one of the strings that holds the lazy bag which the sail goes into had broken on the port side. Richard to the rescue! The wind was light 10-12 knots the sea was less rolly so he volunteered to go up the mast to retrieve the broken end of the string. What a hero but if Ellen Mccarthy can do it in the southern ocean......
The string is now replaced, the string the other side checked and is ok. This delayed our progress a bit but we still managed to reach our target of 150nm a day.
Dinner Thursday evening – beef casserole, and will someone start eating all the fruit we’ve bought!