Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 17 May 2013 17:44
“14.27N 060:54W”
We left Trois Islet at 09.00 to sail the 60 miles to Marin where there is the biggest marina in the Caribbean. We sailed for about 3 hours but then we had to motor as the wind was on the nose and the sea was a bit lumpy. The sea area surrounding Marin is littered with fishing pots which can be difficult to sea as they are small and can range from white or orange buoys to clear plastic bottles. Unfortunately “Spray” managed to snag a couple of buoys that were strung together. They managed to cut on line and then hoist the genoa and sail off the other one, then gingerly try the engine to make sure there were no ropes around the prop.
The pilot book says the marina always has lots of space for visiting boats but the only 2 spaces they had for us was next to the fuel dock, so at least it was easy to refuel and there was only the occasional smell of diesel!
We stayed in Marin for 3 days waiting for the weather to be reasonable for our sail across to Barbados (we had been persuaded to go with “Spray”).
P1020732 The Captain preparing for the sail to Barbados