The ICW Day 6 Barefoot Landing to Myrtle Beach Yacht Club

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 23 Sep 2016 19:01

“33:52N 078:38W”

 Thursday 22nd September


We left the dockside in Barefoot Landing Marina at about 13.30.  We had waited for near high tide to get through the Rock Pile safely, in the middle of the channel.

The Rock Pile is a 3 mile stretch of the waterway which has rocks all along both sides of the channel.  We had expected to see great boulders but we didn’t see any rocks at all. Obviously they are under the water to catch out the unwary traveller.  The channel is reasonably wide, but it’s a great relief not to meet a boat coming the other way.  Large boats and barges call on the radio before entering this stretch, so you don’t come head to head with something you cannot pass.

We only did a short stretch today, 7nm, to the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, which is a marina in a harbour just off the waterway.  We arrived about 15.15 and were directed to slip C15, quite a narrow channel between the moored boats but we didn’t hit anything!

After tidying up, we went and checked in at the office.  We had already checked in with the CBP in Charleston – we’re getting quite friendly with Officer Blackburn.  Then we went and had the customary beer and as we’d had no lunch, buffalo wings and barbeque sauce.  Then back to the boat to await the next bout of rain. Which duly arrived at 20.00 with heavy rain, wind and thunder and lightning.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings....