Puerto Rico to Cuba Day 4

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 21 Apr 2016 21:48
“20:59N 074:35W”
Thursday 21st April
We had received a further weather forecast and we were in for winds of 20-25 kn gusting 30 kn, and 9 foot seas.  So that meant 2 reefs in the main and maybe no genoa overnight.  When we tried to put the second reef in,  a bolt that holds the end of the batten into the runners on the mast, had sheared and the string holding up the sail bag had caught behind it, so when we tried to move the sail either up or down it just jammed.  Eventually, we tightened our 3rd reefing lines to keep the bottom of the sail together, and raise the top quarter of the sail.  At least  we had some sail, and with a small amount of genoa out, we could sail at 5-6 knots.
The weather has continued to be windy with 9 foot seas.  Don’t mind the wind, but the sea conditions make it feel at times that we’re in a washing machine!  Anyway, nearly there, just 82 miles to go, so our current eta is 4 am, so we will have to slow down so we arrive in daylight.  Then it’s customs and immigration, relax and have a shower and a beer of course.....