The Bilge Pump Works!

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 1 Apr 2014 14:03
Tuesday 25th March – Thursday 27th March.
We have spent these few days shopping, cleaning and making sure everything works. We have a water maker which we had “pickled” whilst we were in the UK so this needed unpickling. That is flushing the pickling chemicals out with fresh water.  Unfortunately the captain and general handyman had not made sure the pipe for taking the water out of the machine into the sea was firmly attached.  We were alerted to the fact that the water was going into the boat by the automatic bilge pump alarm going off!  At least it is good to know it works OK.
On Thursday we went out into Rodney Bay with Vision and anchored while Chris and Vision scraped all the barnacles etc off the bottom.  Vision did this by free diving, but Chris had to use his scuba equipment as he can’t hold his breath for very long.  We were pleased that our expensive anti-fouling is doing its job and there was no growth or slime just barnacles.
Liz and Keith were due to arrive this evening coming via Antigua but there flight from Gatwick has been delayed by a couple of hours so they will miss their connection to St Lucia, so will be arriving at 06.30 tomorrow morning.