Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 7 Apr 2016 20:39

“18:20N 065:38W”


Saturday 2nd April – Thursday 7th April


We left the anchorage in Culebra and had a gentle downwind sail across to Sun Bay Marina, Fajardo on the east coast of Puerto Rico.  The marina is fairly small and caters mainly for local motor boats of varying sizes.  Although the entrance is buoyed it is very narrow and quite shallow especially near the green buoys. The instructions from the marina are to keep close to the (one) red buoy.  We got in safely and tied up with no problems.  The marina is a bit pricey but water and electricity is included in the price.  We could also refuel on the dock as they have refuelling points on all the docks, so saving having to go to the fuel dock.


After filling with water, cleaning the boat, doing the washing and finding the local super markets – had to hire a car as they are not close by – we decided with Ian and Gerry (Spray) and their friend Barry, to go to the capital, San Juan, and stay overnight in a hotel in the old city.


We eventually found a hotel with 3 rooms free, so booked and set off. The hotel is in the heart of the old city, and has a swimming pool – disappointingly small with only room for 4 people, but it is on the roof terrace so had a fine view over the harbour.


Old San Juan is a lovely place. It has narrow streets with blue cobble stones. The main tourist attractions are San Felipe del Morro, and Fort San Cristobel.  Both are fortifications built by the Spanish to protect the harbour and town, and stop any invasions by the British and the French. They were used in the second world war by the Americans as strategic lookout points in the Caribbean.  They are both impressive buildings and have been restored by San Juan.

 Although Puerto Rico is now part of the USA it is still very Spanish. The road signs are all in Spanish and it feels very Spanish.  The food is delicious.  Since entering the Spanish Virgins/Puerto Rico we have had some excellent meals.


Tomorrow we continue to the south of the island stopping at 3 places and then sometime next week arriving on the west coast, and wait for decent weather to sail to Cuba. We do not intend stopping in the Dominican Republic unless the weather dictates that it is expedient to do so....