Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Thu 19 Oct 2017 18:28

Deltaville, Virginia


Saturday 7th October – Friday 20th October


We spent 3 days in Fishing Bay; we had to move on Sunday as the wind was from the south and the waves across the bay were getting a bit uncomfortable, so we went south across the bay and sheltered in the lee of the south side. Much more comfortable.


Tuesday we headed back in and tied up on the dock ready for our lift out. Bit later than planned but all OK.  The bottom of the boat was covered in slime which easily washed off with the power wash. Then into the yard to be chocked up.  There are several boats in here with people living on them. Opposite us is Beyzano a fellow OCC boat. Heard them on the radio in the Caribbean but not met them before.







Chesapeake Boat works and Fishing bay marina are run by 3 brothers – Lee and Rick run the boatyard and John runs the marina.  We have come in here to see if we need any more antifouling before going back across the Atlantic to Antigua (no!), plus to change the prop from the fixed one to the folding one – will give us more speed when under sail and the prop is folded. Plus we have a small tear in the sail and that needs fixing.


By Friday 13th October everything was done and the boat was back in the water. The sail people will come on Monday and help us put the main sail back up.


The marina and boatyard are a good 20-30 minute walk to the nearest shops, but there is a courtesy car and bicycles so we’ll be able to do shopping, get to West Marina plus there is a very good hardware store – Hurds, which also sells some marine stuff cheaper then West Marine.


Also this day, Ian and Westbrook (Annapolis OCC port officer) arrived on Spray. Gerry has had to go home as her father has died, so Westbrook volunteered to help Ian sail the boat to Norfolk, where he is going to pick up his crew (Barry) for the Salty Dawg rally.  We were going to join the other yachties for a bar-b-que, but by the time Ian had arrived, tied up sorted themselves out everyone else had gone back to their boats. Also it was pouring with rain so we ate on board instead!


Yet another problem! The water heater keeps overheating and turning itself off, so we need to fix that before we leave.


Today, Thursday 19th, we have had a new bit put on the water heater; Chris isn’t sure if it is the correct part but we will see. Also tonight we are going to the Southern Chesapeake Fall Dinner at the Matthews Yacht club. We have managed to arrange a lift there; didn’t want to take the boat as looks a bit shallow and want to leave early tomorrow to head down to Norfolk the Gary and Greta’s to wait for our crew (Frank) to arrive next week.