Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sat 20 Oct 2012 13:49
“28:13.55N 013:59.09W”
We are anchored in one of the few anchorages on Fuerteventura which is recommended for an overnight stay.  We left Puerto Calero yesterday intending to stay at the end of Lanzarote and then continu down Fuerteventura, but when we reached the bay the wind was increasing and the anchorage seemed very exposed so we continued here.  We had to motor sail part of the way so we would arrive before sunset. We couldn’t believe that we had picked up something around the prop again as it started to jutter.  We put it in reverse and seemed to lose whatever had been there.  When we got to the anchorage the prop began to vibrate again as we reversed to dig the anchor in.  Chris hopped over the side and found a large piece of blue netting around the rudder which we must have brought with us.  We hope this is the last thing we manage to catch unintentionally.
The bay is fairly enclosed with a village on one side and a couple of hotels on the other.  A bit rolly occasionally when the wind drops but OK to sleep by.  We have spent today here watching the hotel residents learn to sail and wind surf, so at least we have some entertainment.
Tomorrow we are of to a small marina in Gran Tarajal still on Fueteventura.