Almost Ready

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 23 Nov 2012 10:57
2 days to go before we leave for St Lucia!  This week has seen the arrival of all the food we need for 4 of us for about 3 weeks.  The freezer is chocker block with pre cooked meals and meat,  all the dry goods and tins have been packed away under the floor, behind seats, and in the forward shower (we have 2 showers).  Today the fruit and veg arrives – think we may have overestimated the number of bananas.  When it arrives it all needs to be washed and the stored in hammocks.
The week has seen a hive of activity on the pontoon as everyone cleans, repairs checks that everything works, isn’t worn etc.  The seminars have now finished.  Yesterday was safety demonstration day starting with a spectacular rescue from a boat by the Spanish Coastguard helicopter.  The “sundowners” continue;,  Wednesday was The Masked Ball – another late night, and it was noticeable that activity on the pontoon started later than normal.  Tonight is the last of the social events with a cocktail party hosted by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board.
Sunday at 13.00 is the start –all 250 boats.  The boats have been divided into 3 groups and we are one of the smaller boats so our group starts last.  The forecast for Sunday is not particularly favourable as far as wind is concerned as its from the south west – the direction we want to go!  So instead of a nice downwind sail it’ll be into the wind for the first day!
We will try and post some photos on the blog site.