New York City to Post Washington, Long Island Sound

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 7 Jul 2017 17:38

New York City to Port Washington, Manhasset Bay NY


Thursday 6th July


We are now in Long Island Sound, which is a stretch of water protected from the Atlantic by Long Island.  The southern shore is in New York State, most of the northern shore in Connecticut and then Rhode Island.


To get into the sound from New York is along the East River and through the narrows at Hell Gate.  The current through the river is very fast and it is preferable to go with the current, especially around Hell Gate where the currents and eddies can be difficult.  The formula for getting to Hell Gate, which is about 6 nautical miles from New York Harbour is to arrive at The Battery at the end of Manhattan Island at 1 hour 43minutes(!) after low water at the Battery, which for today is 15:02.


We weighed anchor at 14.30 and set off across the harbour to the East River. Unfortunately we got too close to the Staten Island ferry and the coastguard boat got excited and stayed between us and the ferry until it had passed. He tried to speak to us by shouting but we indicated he should use his radio as we couldn’t hear him. Apparently we must not go within 100 yards of the ferry.  We thanked him for his advice.


We went under Brooklyn Bridge into the river, and as we had got the right time we were soon zipping along at 9 knots, current assisted.  We seemed to be leading a small flotilla of 2 motor boats. We kept hoping one would overtake to show us the way, but that didn’t happen until after Hell Gate.


The river winds its way through New York, passed Roosevelt Island, United Nations Building, La Guardia airport and Rikers and then out into Long Island Sound.  As the current was with us we had a good run through and arrived in Port Washington earlier than anticipated.  We picked up a visitors mooring ball (yellow and black) and decided we’ll do the town tomorrow.


We have had some problems with starting the engine especially in the morning, so we are going into Brewers Capri West marina on Sunday for it to be looked at on Monday morning.