ICW Day 3 The Waccamaw River

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 20 Sep 2016 15:45

“33:36N 079:06W”

Sunday 18th September

We left the Georgetown Landing marina just before 8 am, and headed downstream to find the buoy “W” marking where we turned north to rejoin the next section of the ICW.  Under the Lafayette bridge without incident, although there was a loud “clang” as we got to about halfway under, but that was workmen working on another section of the bridge!

This section of the ICW is on the Waccamaw river, so it is wide, with plenty of depth, lots of little creeks to anchor in, and a few marinas.  This is a much more interesting and relaxing ICW to be on. It is very picturesque , with the banks lined with live oaks covered in Spanish moss,, remains of the old rice fields, swamps, alligators although we didn’t see any,  lots of birds – osprey and herons – and floating rafts of what looks like large lilies.

We anchored for the night in Bulls Creek.  As it was Sunday there were lots of small boats whizzing around but by sunset they had all gone and we were all alone.  Some strange unidentified noises, but all very peaceful.  Overnight the rain started and we could hear thunder storms rumbling around.  We’ll see what the morning looks like to decide where and how far to go tomorrow.


Bulls Creek Anchorage, looking towards the ICW