Deltaville to Norfolk

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Sat 21 Oct 2017 20:22
“36:51N 076:17W”
Friday 20th October
We left Fishing Bay Marina at 08.00 on a beautiful morning with absolutely no wind.  We’ll see if we can sail when we get out into the Chesapeake,  but we need to do at least 5 knots as Norfolk is 50 miles away.
After a couple of hours we had enough wind to put the genoa out, but continued to motor sail to keep our speed up. Also we had current against us which wasn’t helping. We managed to motor sail for a couple of hours and then the wind disappeared.  When we entered Hampton Roads more current against us, but when we got into the Elizabeth river it stopped and we could speed up.
We arrived at Greta and Gary’s dock at 17.20, and tied up next to “Spray” who has been here a week.
Frank is coming out, on Wednesday,  to help us sail to Antigua, so on Thursday we will move to the Bluewater Yacht Centre where the rally leaves from.
We have a few jobs to do here – change the VHF radio, sort out the grab bag, rearrange the lockers and generally start getting the boat ready for the rally.