St Kitts

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 25 Apr 2014 20:36

“17:17N 62:43W”


Wednesday April 16th – Monday April 21st Easter Weekend


We left Nevis and had a slowish sail on just the genoa over to St Kitts.  The plan was too anchor outside the marina and go in by dinghy to check in.  “Spray” got to the anchorage first and announced that it was untenable – much too rolly.  We decided to go into the marina so tried contacting them on the phone. Eventually we got through and were told we could come in tomorrow, so we headed back down the island to Whitehouse bay (on the advice of an American/Canadian lady who had been listening to our conversations with the marina (well trying to contact them) and between ourselves.  She assured us that Whitehouse bay was a good anchorage and no rolling.

We spent the night there and in the morning we went ashore to look around.  The pilot book shows plans for a new marina just around the corner in an old salt lake.  Part has been built and there is a sales office close by so we went to have a look.  The site is called Christophe Harbour and is a big project.  We were given lots of information from sales and even driven around the site.  It is owned by an American company who have been selling off plots of land for large quantities of money, so you can build your own house, subject to their approval of your plans.  (see Sunday Times property pages for more info!)

Back on the boat we then made our way to St Kitts marina – Port Zante.  The mooring is between 2 piles (poles in the water) which you lasso as the boat slots in between them.  Not our strong point but we managed it with much shouting/encouragement from the marina staff And an Australian – Tony.

We stayed in the marina for a few days, did a taxi tour of the island to visit the fort (very impressive) and to have lunch at an old plantation.  Barry left us here, and we had drinks on an American boat also in the marina and then dinner at the Shiggidy Shack on the beach.

We were going to go toc Statia – a Dutch island but the weather wasn’t great – very windy.  So windy that a cruise liner was unable to dock at Port Zante.  We decided to go back to Whitehouse bay having already checked out of St Kitts, and relax for a couple of days.