The Spanish Virgin Islands

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Fri 1 Apr 2016 15:53

“18:18N 065:18W”


We are now in the Spanish Virgin Islands which are part of Puerto Rico. We are anchored in Ensenada Hondo on Culebra.  It was another downwind sail to get here with 20+ knots of wind behind us.  We haven’t had our main sail up since arriving in the Virgin Islands!


When arriving here we had to phone the US Customs and Border Protection to give all our details, and then go to the airport to physically check in, with more paper work to complete. But the man in the office was very friendly and helpful.


We have now been here 5 days with some very windy and wet weather. In the squalls the wind has been gusting to 30+ knots. So we always hope the anchor is well in...Although listening to other boats on the morning OCC net everywhere seems to be wet and windy at the moment.


Two days ago we hired a golf cart and toured the island, walked to a fairly deserted beach to swim and snorkel, and then after returning the cart stopped in a bar for a couple of Bushwackers.  On the way into the dinghy dock Ian lost his dinghy anchor so he and Chris had to go and retrieve it the next day.  Whilst they were gone one of the boats quite near to us started dragging its anchor and ended up bumping into another boat




So on the way back from retrieving the anchor Ian and Chris stopped by to see if they could help.  The boat that had dragged (on the left) had no one on board, so they went to the dinghy dock to see if they could find the owner, without success.  By this time lots of other people had arrived and eventually another anchor was put down, but the boat was still in danger of moving in the strong gusts of wind.  As we were quite close we decided to move away.  When the owners came back they reset their anchor, and everyone relaxed again.


Today (Friday 1st April) we are going for lunch at Zacos Tacos if the rain stops! But the wind is from a different direction today so at least we are more protected now.


Tomorrow we are off with “Spray” to Puerto Rico and will go into a marina for a few days to clean the boat, top up with supplies and do some laundry, and a bit of sightseeing.