Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Tue 17 Oct 2017 16:10
Wednesday 14th September – Wednesday 21st September
Annapolis, Maryland is a historic colonial town, the self-proclaimed sailing capital of the world.  It is not a large town but is home to the US Naval Academy.  It is a wonderful stopover place whilst transiting the Chesapeake Bay.
The Naval academy is open to the public and houses an excellent museum, exhibiting the naval history of the US. It also houses  the Rogers Ship Model Collection – a gallery of 108 scale models built for the British Admiralty from 1650 to 1830.  John Paul Jones, a scot who was the father of the American Navy, lies beneath the chapel in a sarcophagus with leaping marble dolphins.
By the city dock is the Historic Annapolis Museum, which currently has an exhibition detail the lives of those  slaves that managed to escape. Near the city dock is a statue of Alex Haley who wrote the novel “Roots” about his ancestor Kunta Kinte.
Annapolis has the oldest American state house in continuous use. It is there that George Washington resigned from the Continental Army so that he could become president.
This is also where our crew, Dick and Frank left us to return to the UK.  Also we managed to meet up with Ian and Gerry from “Spray” who are moored at the local OCC port officers dock in  Almhouse Creek, South River just outside Annapolis town.
After a few days doing the sights we headed off across the Chesapeake to St Michael’s.
Annapolis State House
Tomb of John Paul Jones