Grand Bahama Yacht Club

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 1 Jun 2016 20:30
We stayed in Grand Bahama Yacht club for 4 nights and have now returned to the Old Bahamian Bay Marina at the west end of Grand Bahama prior to setting off across to either Charleston or St Augustine.  Charleston is where we want to leave the boat, but there is no wind at the moment so we would have to motor for 50 hours.  St Augustine is only 30 hours away.  We will see what our weather man comes up with.
Grand Bahama Yacht Club is in a well protected bay at Lucayana, 30 miles east of West End.  The marina has space for lots of boats and was virtually empty.  More fishing yachts came in over the weekend, but they had all left by Tuesday.  The great thing about the Yacht Club was we could get wi-fi on the boat, plus a big super market was only a short bus ride away, so we have been able to restock the boat, and at last buy some fresh fruit again!
Tomorrow we set off for the US east coast ....
Old Bahamian Bay Marina pool
Karma Daze – Old Bahamian Bay Marina