Salty Dawg Rally Day 10

Karma Daze
Chris and Penny Manley
Wed 15 Nov 2017 12:13
“22:45N 064:10W”
Tuesday 14th November
The sailing continued for most of the day, as yesterday, quite uncomfortable. During the night we ran into a squall with winds up to 33k, and then at about 07.30 this morning we ran into another one. As a result of the second one we have got a small tear in our genoa. It is fairly low down so we have had to roll up the genoa, so it is now half size.  Means we go a bit slower and cannot get as close to the wind as we may have liked, but we will still be able to sail ok.
This afternoon, after avoiding another squall,  the sea had settled down a bit and we are having a much nicer sail. The wind continues to gust to 20k but as the sea is flatter it’s not too bad.  Tried fishing again, after persuading our reluctant fisherman Frank, but only caught sea weed again.
Between tonight and tomorrow morning the wind will continue to veer south; it is slowly moving now which is why we are heading more south west. When we reach the point where we are not actually getting any closer to Antigua we will tack and head south/south east....